On February 20, 2019, the new municipal entity of Colceresa was established, resulting from the merger of the municipalities of Mason Vicentino and Molvena.

The name "Colceresa" originates from the dialect term "cerexa-ceriésa," meaning "cherry." This name is a tribute to the typical local product: the cherry. Since ancient times, the hilly slopes of the region have produced cherries of excellent quality, with an especially prized flavor. Over the centuries, cherry tree cultivation has become of considerable economic importance to local people. Already in the 1525 Estimate of Molvena, reference is made to a district called "Cerexarola," derived from "ceresariola," which in turn is related to the vernacular term "ceresia," indicating precisely the cherry tree and its cultivation. This theme was also treated by Carlo Dottori in his heroicomic poem "The Donkey," by Filippo Pigafetta in his 1586 "Manuscript Description of the Territory and Countryside of Vicenza," and by Andrea Scoto in his 1655 "Itinerarium Italiae."

The municipality is nestled in the green hills of the Vicenza Prealps. For tourists, there are numerous artistic and cultural sites to visit, as well as many outdoor activities to enjoy along the trails that are adorned with white cherry blossoms and pink peach and almond blossoms in spring.