Solagna, a village located along the left bank of the Brenta River, deserves to be known and rediscovered in order to be understood and truly "experienced" by both those who live there and those who visit. Nestled in a basin that gently rises toward the Grappa massif between Mount Cornon and the impassable ridges of San Giorgio, Solagna owes its name to "Vallis solanea "i.e. sunny valley due to its privileged exposure to the sun compared to neighboring towns. The first written sources on Solagna date back to 915 and refer to the fortifications that were erected to defend the territory. In 1370 the people of Padua erected a turreted nucleus at the mouth of the valley, under the rock that plunges almost sheer to the river, the vestiges of which at the beginning of Via Torre are still visible. Many are the mule tracks and paths that branch off from Solagna and ascend to the pastures of the Grappa massif. The nerve center of excursions is the Val dei Ponti resort. The oldest stepped mule track starts from here and ascends to campo Solagna immersed in the nature of Grappa. The best known trail is the Creste di San Giorgio trail. Once you reach the 1,000-year-old hermitage dedicated to the saint, you climb among the rocks to Campo Solagna. Among the most beloved places in the Grappa massif are the "Colli Alti," a succession of rounded reliefs that offer a balcony over the Valbrenta, The plateau of the seven communes and the Belluno peaks. They house huts and casare where the flavors of yesteryear can be enjoyed in a very intense cuisine/nature combination. The nerve center of the High Hills is the locality St. John's where a historic church and the San Giovanni hotel, inside which the Small Museum of the Great War "Roberto Favero" can be visited. Indelible traces of the Great War are recounted annually in the historical reenactment of the Solstice Battle on Col Moschin. In a ravine, below the Penise road ( which leads from Campo Solagna to the Colli Alti) is the source of the Pertuso, a small watercourse that over time has shaped an extraordinary natural arch in the rock.

Solagna, a human-scale municipality capable of combining old and new.