The Municipality of Tezze sul Brenta covers a significant portion (about 18 sq. km.) of the southern territory of the Bassano District, which extends from the Brenta River shaft in the west to the Padua-Basano railway line in the east, while to the south it borders the Province of Padua (Municipality of Cittadella).

The municipality is divided into several hamlets, which were once morphologically distinct from each other and are currently being "welded together" due to the continuous expansion of building along the main roads connecting the towns: Tezze capital, to the west, now united-almost forming a single urban agglomeration-with the hamlet of Grain located immediately north of the capital city itself.

In the center of the municipal territory are then located the hamlets of Stroppari and Campagnari, while to the west, lying along the state road no. 47 are located in the hamlets of Belvedere, to the south, and Cusinati to the north.

To these urban cores are then to be added a number of scattered hamlets of rural origin and a series of more recently formed settlement "filaments" arranged along the road axes almost as a weld between the main hamlets and the districts.

The land has a flat terrain with an average elevation of 70 to 72 ml above sea level although there are some depressed areas near the Brenta River that descend to an elevation of 65 ml.

Located on the banks of the Brenta River is the Friendship Municipal Park , an ideal place for those who like to be in touch with nature, take pleasant walks or take dirt trails for mountain bikers and finally it is the perfect place for those who appreciate outdoor picnics or barbecues with friends. A place that also hosts important cultural, artistic, sports and ecological events.